• Affordable Jail Call Services

    Jail Jack is a VOIP based communications system created for families of the incarcerated to save on the highly expensive prison call rates

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    Connect with your loved one in prison FOR CHEAP!

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    We Smash The Competition

    We are lower than other discount jail call services, Convert your Inmates Long Distance Jail Phone Calls into cheaper "Local Phone Calls". Reduce expensive charges from GTL, Global Tel, Securus, Vconnect and others.


Accept Calls Anywhere In The World

Accept calls on any cell phone,work phone,home phone straight from your incarcerated loved one.


Serving All Jail Facilities

Jail Jack searches for the best local number near your inmates facility.


Customer Support

You won’t be alone, purchasing our call plans, satisfaction is guaranteed, we really care about you and your inmates lifeline.

What we do

To make the costs of jail calls for inmates, their love ones and friends as cheap as possible


Quick Setup

As soon as you make a successful payment via PayPal or Credit/Bank Card, your new local number will be issued via email


Lower Call Rates Instantly

Using our numbers will force the jail to only charge the lowest rates possible


Join the club

Trusted by over 19,000 satisfied prisoners, Jail Jack is a huge success being one of the world’s largest discount prison call services


International Calling Plans

Even if you are in another country, Jail Jack can still connect you with your inmate very easily